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All of SCM’s expanded metal products are a marriage of steel and plastic constructed of ¾” #9 heavy duty expanded metal OR 12 gauge perforated metal with ½” diameter uniform hole pattern. It consists of ¼” plastisol coating. Our “Armor Coat” surface is a state of the art process. It is the ultimate in ultra-violet ray protection. “Armor Coat” resists mildew and fungus build up and avoids degradation from direct exposure from sunlight and outdoor exposure. “Armor Coat” will enhance and extend the shiny high gloss appearance. The plastic is self-extinguishing. It will not burn without sustained flame contact.

The product is virtually maintenance free and requires only periodic cleaning with a sponge and a solution of mild detergent and water to remove surface dirt. Do not clean with solvent or petroleum base products.


All of SCM’s fiberglass products are in-mold painted with a polyester gelcoat, a type of industrial strength paint designed as both a protective and decorative coating. Due to weather and environmental conditions, gelcoat as with any painted surface tends to fade and look washed out over time. Due to our pigmented polyester resin, however, your SCM fiberglass products can be renewed to their original luster with simple care and a little TLC.

Clean surfaces with a mild detergent and water to remove surface dirt. If colors start to fade, lightly sand surfaces with #600 grit wet/dry sandpaper to remove surface oxidation (do not worry, you will not sand off color or permanently dull the surface).

After sanding, rinse the product surface and dry, you will then need to machine or hand buff the surface with a commercial grade fiberglass rubbing compound, sold at any hardware store. This will restore the luster to its original state.You may than apply a sealing glaze to seal and protect the surfaces.

Repeat the above steps every 6 months to a year to insure your products beauty.

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