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Product Colors: SCM offers 12 standard fiberglass colors as well as 19 standard steel colors. Colors can be interchanged for a contrasting look as well as custom color matching per your request. Please contact factory for up charge and availability. Colors are not available on all products. These printed colors may vary slightly due to screen resolution and personal settings. Please contact factory for exact match sample. See Available Steel Colors | See available Fiberglass Colors

Silkscreen Images: Custom logos, emblems, graphics or advertising can be permanently silkscreened into any of SCM’s smooth fiberglass surfaces. This is not a decal or label that can be scratched or peeled off and it is not painted on after manufacturing, it is part of the surface. When ordering please send us your artwork, size desired and color(s) you want reproduced. Make sure artwork is in EPS format, PDF or JPEG. Note: The checkerboard silkscreen pictured on table is a standard SCM item. Board is 16”x16”. Please inquire with factory about application. See Silkscreening Example

Skateboard Stoppers: Steel skateboard stoppers are available for most SCM surfaces. These stoppers are made of 1/4″ steel angle with locking hardware and are specifically designed for attachment to our fiberglass and steel surfaces. Stoppers are available in standard Beige or Royal Blue powder coat color, however, any non standard color is available at a slight up-charge. Benches ordered with skatestoppers are factory installed.  Skatestoppers can also be purchased separately. Please consult factory for quantities and powder coated colors. See our Skateboard Stopper

Umbrella Hole Placement: Most round tables are available with umbrella hole for no charge. If umbrella hole is desired for rectangular or square tables, please consult factory for upcharge. See Umbrella Hole Option

Painted/Galvanized Legs: Our fiberglass table and bench legs are available in white or black powder coat painted or hot-dipped galvanized finish. Our Plastisol table and bench legs are available in 19 matching steel colors. See available fiberglass table leg colors | See available Plastisol table leg colors

Woodgrain Finishes: SCM’s standard product finish is smooth fiberglass, however, a woodgrain pattern fiberglass finish is also available on some models. Enjoy the beauty of wood without the problems of dry-rot, splintering and insect infestation. Our woodgrain tops and benches are molded from actual wood giving them both the look and feel of a real wood surface. Adding a painted accent wipe adds depth and hue to the surface creating a natural look. Standard woodgrain colors are Teak, Walnut and U.S. Forest Service Oxide. See Sample Woodgrain Finishes

Leg Types & Installation:  All of our pedestal table and benches are available in 2 mounting versions:
INGROUND: Straight 12″ – 24″ leg post for below surface mounting.
SURFACE: 6″ Square welded steel plate with 4ea 1/4″ holes for mounting to concrete.

Our Plastisol table and bench legs are also available in 2 other mounting versions:
PORTABLE: Portable leg style, clamps can be used for permanent mounting if desired.
GULLWING: Portable leg style with 4ea 1/2″ holes for permanent mounting if desired.
See Leg Mounting Options and Styles

Table/Bench Ground Securement Options: All SCM free standing table and benches can be permanently ground secured to concrete by two means. Round legs are clamped down and secured with concrete anchoring bolts. Square tube leg frames are secured with a hidden locking device thru bolted into leg and the concrete.
See Securement Options

Polyethylene Trash Unit Colors: SCM offers 5 standard colors: Red, Blue, Green, Brown or Black for our Polyethylene trash units. Lids match trash unit color. See Available Receptacle Colors

Fabric Umbrella/Pole Colors: SCM offers 20 standard Grade A Sunbrella Fabric colors. Aluminum painted pole is available in either Bronze, Champagne or Black. White pole also available on 7 ½’ umbrellas only. See Available Fabric Colors

Replacement Parts: Seating Component Manufacturing offers replacement parts for our entire line of tables, benches and other products. When ordering please specify model number, color, finish and quantity of item you are interested in and our sales assistant can help you with part number and pricing.

Plastisol Coated Steel Patterns: Our Plastisol coated steel products are available in 4 patterns:
See Available Patterns
EXPANDED:  A diamond pattern that provides a flat surface while maximizing drainage.
PERFORATED:  A ½” diameter uniform hole pattern.
SLOTTED:  A straight bar pattern for durable, comfortable seating.
SLATTED:  A wider steel straight bar pattern for greater strength.

Trash/Ash Lids: Our Trash/Ash Lids are available in 9 different styles for our Plastisol coated trash units.   They are Dome Lid, Contour Lid, Open Hood Lid, Recycle Lid, Bonnet Lid, Ash Tray Lid, Expanded Flat Lid, Expanded Ash Lid and Slotted Lid.  Lids are shown in Black but are available in our High Gloss Standard Steel Colors (see steel colors) See Available Lid Options | See Available Steel Colors